Green Mill Jazz

Whoever coined the phrase “Change is a good thing,” should be shot. Change is exhausting.

If you’ve been reading the Green Mill website at all in the past few months, you’ve seen just how much we’ve had to keep changing things around due to COVID, city mandates and our ability to pay the bills — We’re open, then we’re closed, then we’re open outside only, and then we’re open only to people born in February, and then we’re almost open really late like we were in the old days and then, well, we’re not.

But there’s one change we’re pretty jazzed about and it isn’t about jazz: The Green Mill is thrilled to announce the return of the world famous Uptown Poetry Slam hosted by Marc Kelly Smith (So what!), once a month on Sunday afternoons from 3pm-5pm, beginning November 28.

Here’s the other stuff that changed awhile back: The Green Mill is open Sunday through Thursday, 4pm to 1:11am; Friday, 4pm to 2am and Saturday, 1pm to 2am. We have live music seven nights a week. For Poetry Slam Sundays, the Green Mill will open at 2pm.

Fun stuff you should know: Bands play from 8pm – midnight. Tuesday and Thursday nights we feature bands that play dance music. This means you can dance on Tuesday and Thursday nights. We have a parking lot. And we take CASH ONLY.

Other stuff that’s not so fun you should know: We DON’T take reservations. We don’t serve drinks with egg whites. We don’t make Mojitos. And we take CASH ONLY.

Keep checking our website to keep up with our changes. And keep coming back to see us, have a drink and listen to some good music, comedy or poetry. We hope to see you soon!

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